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Kate Aitchison -- Grand Canyon River Guide, Designer/Owner of Terra Flags, Artist and Professor at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) & Colorado College

Episode Summary

Meet Kate. She's a badass and now good friend. Kate is one of the most amazing humans I've ever met. She has such a big heart, loves the river and loves to teach. Listen to her story.

Episode Notes

Follow Kate Aitchison and her Adventures

Check out her company Terra Flags Website and follow them on Instagram and Purchase Kate's print cards here

Kate's 2017 Block Print Dory Project (at the Sante Fe Art Institute) of the San Juan Watershed


Kate named her Residency Boat called "Katie Lee"

  1. Meet "Katie Lee" the Completed Dory
  2. Watch a video about the real Katie Lee 
  3. Listen to: Remembering Katie Lee, 'Goddess of Glen Canyon': 1919-2017
  4. Katie Lee's Obituary Tribute
  5. Listen to Katie Lee's "Song of the Boatman"


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